Mark EG Schranztasm | 2010 - 2012

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Mark's put together an exclusive Schranz mix ahead of his exclusive Goodgreef Schranz Set in Newcastle this coming Friday 22nd June 2012. And in typical Mark EG style, it's turned out to be something a bit special. The result is a nod through some of his favourites that Schranz music has offered in the last two years.

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Mark EG Megacast 005 Featuring Deetox (Theracords)

This episode of Mark EG's crazy fantastic Megacast in association with Beatbucket Digital Music Store, takes you through all the best new hardstyle releases out there this week - plus a mix from rawstyle goddess Deetox - all the way from Theracords in Holland. But can you handle the madness? Good luck!

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Mark EG's Megacast Featuring Degos & Re-Done, Side E-fect and Mike Steventon

The next edition of the already infamous Megacast (in association with Beatbucket Digitial Music Store, this time with dutch rawstyle icons Degos and Re-Done as well as two of the best upcoming UK acts in the techier hard scene Side E-Efect and Mike Steventon. This is also a Halloween special so be prepared to me scared! Sign up to the newsletter on if you want to stay informed of all future Megacasts!

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Mark EG's Megacast Featuring Tuneboy May 2011

‘Turn on, tune in, drop out’ is a sentence that a lot of dance lovers will recognize. Either because it has been used as a sample in a lot of dance tracks, or because they know the famous speech by Timothy Leary in 1966 that contained this phrase.

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