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Mark EG's Music School

Mark EG's Music School

Here is where you can enrol and purchase Mark EG's Music School Course. These personally tailor made seven-week online music courses from a 25 year professional music veteran teach you the knowledge and theory behind your art and enable you to become a master of your craft. Whether you're starting out in music production, learning how to DJ or you're wanting to take your skills to the next level, Mark gives you the ammunition you need to get ahead in the music industry.

For more detailed information on the course visit HERE

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Full Course Fee (Mark EG's Music School)

Pay the full course fee for Mark EG's Music School. Once paid, you will immedately be enrolled on the course and your sessions can begin. Mark will be in touch with your course documents and all further information. Welcome to Mark EG's Music School!


Enrollment Fee (Mark EG's Music School)

Although it is recommended to pay the full course fee now, you can choose to pay only the enrollment fee for Mark EG's Music School. Your place will be reserved immediately and Mark will be in touch. However the final course fee balance will be required to begin the teaching! Please note this fee is non-refundable. It is up to you to ensure the remaining balance is paid and you start the course!


Mark EG's Music School HERE

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