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Mark EG Mix Sessions Oct 2018 (New Hard Trance) SIGNED CD!

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Album: Mark EG Mix Sessions
Month: 10|18 (October 2018)
Style: Hard Trance (different each month).
Cat No: MEGMS1018HT

The Concept:

'Mark EG Mix Sessions' is a monthly series of mixes, compiled and mixed by myself Mark EG, only available on CD. For as long as I can remember, I've always burnt off mixes for my car so I can learn the music I'm going to play at gigs. I even do mixes of music I will never play! I've decided to do exactly the same for anyone who wants them – no fancy commercial packaging, just me burning you off what I do and directing it all to your letterbox . If you like what you hear, you can get them each month when you remember to order, or order them now for a whole 12 months – all from my website!

This month's 1018HT Session:

This time I've put together a selection of the best newer hard trance I've been playing recently. There's some amazing music in here, all really well produced with that modern fresh slant to the sounds. I just LOVE the progression in the mix here, hope you do to

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