Mark EG's Music School for DJ's and Producers

Mark EG's Music School teaches you how to produce modern dance music, how to DJ and much more. Mark uses his invaluable experience to analyse your goals and shape a specific course to suit your needs. An exclusive 121 online course. 

These personally tailor made seven-week online music courses from a 25 year professional music veteran teach you the knowledge and theory behind your art and enable you to become a master of your craft. Whether you're starting out in music production, learning how to DJ or you're wanting to take your skills to the next level, Mark gives you the ammunition you need to get ahead in the music industry.

'A journey of sharing and discovery'

IMG 1286'I've spent my life learning every aspect of music production and DJing by reading, learning, making notes, I'd say 75% of that information was useless. The key is to find someone who knows what they're talking about and learn off them. I'm not saying I know everything, life is about learning - but I think my record in this industry stands for alot'

You might believe you know what you need to learn, but the only person who can truly show you what to focus on is somebody who has been through the process. This is why Mark’s Music School is so powerful. From the outset Mark will discuss your goals, expectations and needs. He will analyse where you are in music, then shape a personal, goal driven course, with achievable weekly aims that will get you where to you want to be, quickly. No other course will do this.

'A Course SHAPED for you.'

IMG 1330'Throughout the years I’ve known hundreds of people who have been on your typical generic music training courses. They don’t take into account your true individual skill level. The course tutors will often focus on a specific style of music you’re not particularly interested in and they will not adapt or switch if you need more time to focus on something you don’t understand. I aim to change that.’

No matter what music you make or what level you’re at, Mark takes your hand as a mentor with this amazing, unique music learning experience. Don't waste your time with countless online tutorials, rigid course structures and information overload from so called 'experts'. Choose a professional.

Typical Course Goals

  • Make a full track from start to finish (Beginner/Intermediate/Pro)
  • Improve your music production process (Beginner/Intermediate/Pro
  • Learn how to DJ (Beginner/Intermediate/Pro)
  • Create a record label and sell your first track
  • Become an expert in Music Marketing
  • Create a clubbing brand and organise your first event
  • Learn Music Mastering (Beginner/Intermediate/Pro)
  • Learn Sound Design/Synthesis (Beginner/Intermediate/Pro)
  • Produce your own radio show.
  • Create an image and brand for yourself
  • And much, much more. Tailored to you...

What You Get

  • You will learn your craft from a true industry professional
  • Seven sessions over a seven week course. Times and dates are totally flexible
  • Course goal discussed and suited to YOUR needs
  • Professional personal online sessions.
  • Completely different to rigid course structures other educational establishments offer
  • Suited to YOUR exact music style of choice (ANY dance music style)
  • Suited to YOUR exact skill level (Beginner/Intermediate/Pro)
  • Suited to YOUR choice of DAW (for production courses)
  • Suited to YOUR choice of DJ Software/Equipment (for DJ Courses)
  • Comprehensive homework and tasks - all monitored weekly
  • Hands on, practical goal focused sessions each week
  • Mark's infamous upbeat and enthusiastic teaching style!
  • A personal certificate from Mark upon course completion

The Seven Sessions


Personal Analysis and Course Goal Formation.

Many people think they know what they need to learn but the only person who can tell you what you need to learn is an expert who has been through the same process. Mark spends this invaluable week with you analysing your personal skill level, discussing what you want to achieve, what is realistically achievable and shapes a course specifically suited to YOUR NEEDS. For production and DJ courses Mark also discusses your chosen music style to ensure the course is focused on the sound you wish to create.


Technical Setup and Optimisation.

Learning music, DJing, marketing or any creative process is not just about loading up your favourite software and hoping for the best. Any applications, software or equipment used in the course needs to be setup to perfection. In this session Mark will remote control into your computer and optimise YOUR SET UP to perfection. He will organise folders, set up preferences, analyse your network and ensure minimal audio latency for your sessions and much more.


Achieving your course goal.

Whether your focus is DJing, production, music marketing, artist development, synthesis or record label formation, Mark will work with you through the steps you both created in Session 1 to achieve YOUR PERSONAL COURSE GOAL. This is where the true fun begins!

NOTES: Mark is extremely flexible. If you find you're struggling he will adapt the course to your needs. Similarly he will go faster if you find it too easy. If the aim of each session isn't complete, Mark will not stop until it is. Times are flexible too - if you can't do one week, simply rearrange the next session for a time that suits you.


£500 for seven weekly one hour sessions.
£100 deposit required to secure your place. Or pay immediately in full. Places are limited. Book now.


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