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Welcome to MarkEG.com. Here you can buy T-Shirts, enrol on Mark's learning courses, upload your tracks for Mastering, buy Mark's vinyl bundles, listen to audio, watch video of Mark in action and much more. Don't forget to subscribe to the email list on the right!

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WIN TICKETS for Mark EG Presents Megafright Night on Nov 2nd in Manchester!

If you've listened to Mark's latest Megacast! Radio Show, you'll know that there's two sets of tickets up for grabs for his dark and dirty upcoming 'Megafright Night' event in Manchester. The night will feature some of the best artists out there today including Degos & Re-Done, Destructive Tendencies (Megarave), Kutski (BBC Radio 1), Shaun T (Megablast!), Prime Suspects (Spoontech) and of course South West Favourites Side E-Fect and Mike Steventon.

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10 days left until Mark EG's Megafright Night on November 2nd!

Saturday 2nd November sees Mark EG Present his very own event at one of the best underground venues in Manchester. The line-up, put together by Mark himself, oozes the harder side of innovation, including artists such as Degos & Re-done from Holland, Kutski from Radio 1, Destructive Tendencies from Megarave, Shaun T from Megablast!, Prime Suspects from Spoontech and of course South West favourites Side E-fect Vs Mike Stevenson. 

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Megablast! Live Feed Up!

The LIVE FEED for Compulsion, featuring Mark EG's Megablast! Arena in the crazy huuuuge Bowlers, Trafford Park Exhibition Center, Manchester on Saturday 28th May is now up!

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Megablast! LIVE FEED from Compulsion

For those of you who have bought tickets to the event, we're working on hosting a LIVE VIDEO FEED before the event takes place! This will mean you will be able to see the crew setting up, the lazers being put in place and all the behind the scenes stuff NOBODY gets to see! 

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