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Ableton Live Playlist Maker by Mark EG - FREE

Very quick one for Ableton heads. The laborious task of copying files names directly from the project, to be able to post nice neat tracklists alongside any Ableton DJ sets I do - in the order they appear on the project - annoys the living crap out of me. So in the true spirit of automation I decided to make an Application that extracts the data from the files in my projects, gets rid of a few of the annoying characters that I don't need and spits the data out into a neat text file on my Desktop.


It's a super simple application put together very quickly for a very specific purpose, but after searching around on the net and finding answers like 'Use a Pen and Piece of paper', I just thought it might come in useful and cut a bit of time off my day by make something like this. It makes it much easier now for me to upload any Ableton mixes to something like Soundcloud with the correct information alongside for those people who support me and I can even make a neat, professional file list for any producers who are remixing my stuff :) It presently works on OSX only and I'm using 10.8.5 ATM.

There might be other ways to do this, but this made sense to me for my MAC and it's quick and neat.

Really hope it helps someone but understand I'm not offering an kind of support here. If it works for you then great. If it doesn't - SORRY!!!

Download it here, unzip and drag it to your Applications folder:

{liketodownload1 likeurl="http://www.markeg.com/misc/Ableton_Live_Playlist_Maker_By_Mark_EG_OSX.zip" downloadurl="http://www.markeg.com/misc/Ableton_Live_Playlist_Maker_By_Mark_EG_OSX.zip"}





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