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Mark EG’s online petition for a regular weekly radio show – Day 4 - 10,000 signatures to go!

10,000 SIGNATURES – WE'RE NOW HALF WAY THERE!!!! It's Day 4 of the campaign to get Mark EG to give us a weekly radio show! 10,000 more names and we'll have done it. PLEASE keep sharing and keep liking!

Just to remind everyone, this is what our campaign is about in Mark's own words:

'I'd love to do a weekly show for everyone but If I'm going to do this, I want to do it properly. I want to ensure every single person who is interested or shows support, gets the show from me personally via their inbox – not via some half arsed 30 second post on a social network. I want to build up a collection of people who think the same as me, never miss as show and feel included in something special.' 

'I always get tonnes of people asking me to provide them with more regular mixes in loads of different styles, my recommendations for music and my general thoughts on where music is heading. A weekly radio show will be the perfect way for me to do this'.

We still have 10,000 people to go to make this a reality. To show your support for the campaign, add your name and email here:


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