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Mark EG’s online petition for a regular weekly radio show – SUCCESS!

We're proud to announce that Mark EG's 7 day campaign to find 20,000 people who want him to provide a weekly radio show, has been a success! The interest has been relentless and in the end, it's going to mean that you're all going to have a new, exciting way to keep in touch with all the best music that's out there – from old to new, from slow to fast, from hard to avin it!

Mark says: 'I just want to thank everyone who showed such massive support for what I do. This is exactly the type of inspiration I need to come up with something special for everyone, that doesn't follow the same formulas and sound the same each week. It's going to be epic!'

'I'll be working on it this week for sure and there will be an email going our to everyone with the new show by the latest next week. Hopefully we can give the global music scene a right royal kick up the arse.'

If you know of anyone who might be interested in the new show, please send them this link and tell them to sign the form below.

Apart from that – thank you from both Mark and us for such a great response!


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