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New Mark EG 'Fanstore' up on www.markeg.com!

We're very proud to announce a new 'fanstore' up on www.markeg.com. There is a completely new range of T-Shirts available - much of which is completely exclusive to the store. You'll also be interested in Mark's new 'Anarchy Range', which is a real statement for the anarchic music community we're sure! There's some more of Mark's infamous vinyl bundles available (but be quick!) and we plan to even sell tickets for Mark's gigs at great prices.

As a celebration of the new store opening, we're giving all Mark's fans and supporters @ 10% off coupon on ALL T-shirts. We're not sure when it will become invalid, so you must use it fast!


The link to the store is HERE <----- CLICK IT AND USE THE CODE!!!

Or right click, open in new tab ----> http://www.markeg.com/fanstore if you visited this link through Facebook (it'll make the site bigger and easier to see!).

Don't forget to add your name to the Newsletter on the right (if you haven't already) and we can keep you informed of any new exciting cool stuff! 

Mad respect as always! 

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