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The Official UK Website of DJ/Producer Mark EG
Innovate not Imitate

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Mark EG's Vinyl Bundles

Available for all vinyl lovers are these exclusive bundles of 100 records - from Mark EG's personal record collection. This is a rare opportunity to acquire some of the music Mark has become famous for playing - all on beautiful sexy black plastic. You can choose from loads of different styles including 90's techno, 2000 and above techno, 90's progressive trance and 2000 and above progressive trance. 

But when they're gone they're gone. 

Already all acid techno and hard trance bundles have gone for another year. 

So be quick!

A word from Mark: 'It's with great pleasure that I'm putting some of my prized record collection up for grabs, going to the best homes. I've decided to stick with doing bundles because I havent got the time to be packaging individual tracks and sending them out so please dont ask me! Oh and remember it'll take me a few weeks to get these out to you from time of purchase - it's a big job!'.

*** Please mention if these are for a present and we can super fast track them! ***

If you're wanting anything signed, just let us know when you order. Remember these will NOT be available forever.

First come first served.

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