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Producers/Labels - Upload your music for Mark EG HERE!

If you think you have something for Mark to play in his DJ sets or his groundbreaking 'Tune In Turn On Drop Out' Radio Show this weekend, upload your promos and tracks here so he can check them out. Please upload 320 MP3's ONLY. DO NOT upload WAVS as we have limited space atm. You can zip multiple files up if you wish, but make it your best ones if you can ;)
Mark says, 'Please try to keep it to a maximum of five track uploads per week, otherwise I get a little inundated and I tend to miss stuff. Feel free to upload a note with your contact details, although I cannot guarantee a reply (please understand - there's just so much music to listen to!). If I like the track it'll get played, if not it won't. Pretty simple really!'

'Also, can you make sure they are named well? Something like this is perfect: artist_title_mixname_label(if_known).mp3. That way, if I do play it, I can easily let people know. Otherwise I might not know the track is from you and if I'm asked to make a tracklist after I've played it, I will have to put unknown :(  '

Thanks for uploading. Whatever happens, please keep making music and uploading to me! 

Upload Your Files via Entouragebox below (click HERE if you wish to open this all in a new, separate window, rather than using the embedded widget). You'll need to accept the Terms and Conditions first. If Entouragebox doesn't work for you (it's by far the best method), there's a few other alternatives at the bottom of this page ;)

If you don't want to upload via the Entouragebox service you can always try these other two: 

Upload Your Files to me HERE via DBInbox (MAX 20MB PER INDIVIDUAL UPLOAD)

Upload Your Files to me HERE via DropItToMe (MAX 75MB PER INDIVIDUAL UPLOAD - password = music)

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